Remember, Confidence is not only Sexy, it is Life Changing!!!

Ten Reasons NOT To Hire Me!!

~ You don't want to have an extraordinary Virtual Encounter!!

~ You don't want to be able to brag to your friends about the           amazing time you had last night!!

~ You don't like Sexy Video's and Pic's produced exactly the           way you would want them!!

~ You are a Nerd!!

~ You don't care for Sexy Ladies 💋

~You enjoy Boring and Predictable Dates!! 

~ You shouldn't Hire Me so you won't gain some Valuable                    Experience for your Future Partner{s}

~ The Experience would be way to Intense and Electrifying for       you... You're Getting Older and we don't want Your Heart to         Stop Ticking!! 

~ You're a Virgin and You Want to Stay That Way!! 

~ The Number One Reason Why You Shouldn't Hire Me Is...            You've Fallen and You Can't Get Up!!! 



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