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The Folded Deck Chair Position; How it is Done

Published on 14 November 2023 at 18:50

Have you heard of the Folded Deck Chair Position? If not, the next time you and you partner are in the mood, you've gotta give this a go! It is a deeply penetrating position and when my hubby fucks me like this, I kidd you not, it feels like my insides are being fucked up through my nose!!

First, I was amazed, I truly don't know why, to find out that this position that my husband and I have been doing for so long, has a name!! Why I was surprised, I truly don't know!! The Internet is always coming up with names for sex positions and new things to try right!!?? 

What is the Folded Deck Chair Position?

The Folded Deck Chair Position is when the man is on top and you put your legs over his shoulders and he leans forward, folding you up like a deck chair. It is a fairly easy position to get into from the missionary position. The female stays on their back while the male props up on their knees. The female then raises her legs and puts them over the man's shoulders . Then he leans forward, folding her up and penetrates from this angle either vaginally or anally.

Why the Folded Deck Chair Position? 

It is a personal, close fuck position that provides for deep penetration. Of course, I love this position! And I am most certain that you will too!! My man and I have been doing this position for a while now and it is a savage kind of fucking!! Which, how could I not, love!! Like I always tell the hubbs, I feel like he's fucking my insides up to my throat!! It feels so gooood while all my insides are being jolted from their place and forced up through my nose!! Ok, that part doesn't feel so good but honestly, that's how far his cock is deep inside of me!! 

Other Benefits of this Position

Besides maximum penetration and feeling every inch of his dick, (what more is there?? Just kidding!!) this position gives an opportunity for the female to stimulate her clitoris while you are deeply penetrating her insides. Stimulation can be achieved through her hand or a vibrator. Maybe one that isn't too big or bulky but rather on the smaller side but powerful!! Which in turn can give her a mind blowing orgasm. And in turn give you one too!! And everyone walks away satisfied!! That's the goal, isn't it??!! 

Make Every Inch Count

If you can take even more of his hugh, giant cock (I broke out in a sweat just thinking about it!! I am not exaggerating at all), you can get even more depth of his dick by placing a pillow underneath your hips. Now this will provide even more depthness and filling up of your insides!! Just know though, you will feel all the fullness of his dick!! Every swelled, hard inch will be savagely fucking your pussy and maybe even up to your throat!! And it feels fuckin' A~ma~zing!!! 

Rough Sex

If you like it a lil rough, this can provide for a good back scratching!! I don't mean where you pull out the wooden hand and satisfy a scratch on your back!! No!! I mean where she claws and scratches your back, leaving some visible marks!! Of course, this can be done in a lot of positions but there is something savage about this position!! And make sure it's done right!! What I mean is don't take it more than he wants or hurt him more than he bargained for!!  

In Conclusion

This position gives the ultimate opportunity for deep penetration and  savagery fucking!! It is very animalistic and raw!! If this isn't one of your favorite positions or if you haven't tried it as of yet, then by all means, get your folding deck chair on and try it out!! And see if it's one that you love as well!! Happy fucking!! 




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