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"Exploring Watersports: A Guide to Understanding and Safely Exploring the Piss Play Kink"

Published on 11 November 2023 at 06:21

So watersports or piss play has become mainstream here lately. When a rock band lead singer from Brass Against, Sophia Urista, pisses on a volunteer (who willingly volunteered as tribute) while on stage at a rock festival in Florida, and the rumors of the Trump piss play video, and Netflix's new season of You, where Adam (Lukas Gage) is pissed on by wait staff and enjoys it so much that he gets off on it, has brought the term 'piss play' to many people's computer, phone and television screens 

As it turns out, in a study done for his book Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire, Dr. Justin Lehmiller found that 15% of women and 32% of men has had sexual fantasies which involved urine. So it isn't as uncommon as we thought it might have been! 

Piss play, watersports, golden showers or erotic urination, the proper term for it is Urolagina, which means "a tendency to derive sexual pleasure from the sight or thought of urination." In other words, receiving sexual pleasure from pee. Which ever term you may use, why do people find it appealing?? 

Power Play Dynamics 

One aspect of sexual gratification from urine is the power play dynamic. It can be a hugh turn on for a dominant to subject a submissive to their pee. Some people have even drank or gargled their partners urine. I can say as a submissive, I drank my partners piss to please him. For me, it wasn't particularly the piss but the pleasing him that turned me on. Watersports, or piss play, is a sensory focused encounter. 

For some women, the feeling of peeing, or holding in pee, can be arousing. When our bladders press against our internal organs, such as the urethral sponge and the clitoris, it will build tension. And when that tension is released, when we urinate, it can result in what is called a "peegasm." 



As humans, when we are told something is bad or taboo, we tend to go against what society expects. When society tells us something isn't acceptable, it potentially can draw us to that act even more. It can ignite sensations of thrill or being naughty.


Some people like to be watched or to watch people, especially engaging in sexual activities. Because urination was taught since we were little that it is something to be done in private, the tendency to watch and the thrill of heightened sexual pleasure can be derived from the experience.


For some, a consensual, pre~neogatiated encounter of creating a feeling of humiliation, shame, worthlessness, and embarrassment for Degradation Play is arousing. Masochism is often thought of as receiving physical pain and delight in it, which is very true for some, but there are those that revel in the way they feel when their bodies are reacting to the extreme emotional excitement of degradation. It is one way to cause an endorphin rush. 


Some Dominants would find the act of urinating on a submissive for the feeling of power and control, arousing. While others find the act humiliating or a sign of submission. Humiliation or power play does not have to be a part of watersports, some are aroused by the thought, smell, and sight of urine. 

Can Watersports be Safe?

The big misconception about urine is that it is sterile. That is not true. It is waste from our bodiles and it is a body fluid. There possibly could be trace amounts of blood in urine that the naked eye cannot see. The best thing is to inquire about your partners health if you trust them enough to be honest. If the health of your partner is in check and you do not ingest urine all the time, it can be safe. 

Watersports: Where to Begin?

If you've never tried it, it probably would be a good start to watch piss play porn with you and your partner. Watch that and see if it turns you both on. If it does, then the next step would be to make a safe word. Just in case one of you decide during the experience that you want to stop. And it's ok to change your mind at any time. Don't feel or think you must finish the experience because you have agreed to it or feel like you cannot stop it. For instance, in BDSM typically use the words green for 'continue, I'm doing alright,' the word yellow for 'slow down, this is too intense ' and the word red for 'stop, this is too much.' 

After you and your partner have watched the piss play porn, decided you both wanted to try this, and talked about and made your safe words, the next step would be to plan. Because piss play can and will be messy. 

The best place to practice this kink would be in the shower. There the pee goes right down the drain, you can get dirty, get clean and get out and dry off, with no worries. 

If you truly want to take it to the bedroom, you can lay down protective waterproof fitted sheets. And some towels for easy, quick clean up. 

However you go about it make sure you and your partner are having lots of fun!! 

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