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The Kivin Method: A Step by Step Guide

Published on 1 November 2023 at 00:03

If you're looking for something different and to spice things up in the bedroom, then the Kivin Method is the way to go!! So they say. The hype around it is extremely enticing, with numerous people expressing their enthusiasm and praising it's remarkable potential.

My man is off to work right now and I have just heard about this method (at the time of this writing, so long ago!!) Anyway this is how I heard of it.

My friend Tammy calls me up and wants to meet up for lunch. In other words, she wants to tell me about her much anticipated date with Donald the night before. At least that is what I think his name is. I'm so bad at remembering names 

So we met for my lunch. Tammy has a sheepish grin on her face. So I asked for details like any normal female would. And that's how I heard about the Kivin Method. She loved it!! She stated she reached orgasm in about 8 minutes flat!! A few more than what I've understood but hey.... that's okay!! At least she got there!! 

So I couldn't wait for my hubby to get home from work. We had a new technique to try out. And we did!! So let's get right to it!!

What is the Kivin Method?

The Kivin Method, aka 'The Tahitian Cunnilingus', is sideways cunnilingus. Instead of the regular way where your body and his body make one long line, you're going to be making a T. The giver of the oral sex, will lie perpendicular to the one receiving at a 90 degree angle to their hip. So the one who will be giving will put their head at a right angle from the vulva rather than head on like in traditional cunnilingus.

How is it different?

Clitoral stimulation is different. In this method, the clitoris is pleasured in a side to side direction with the tongue. Whereas in regular cunnilingus, it usually receives an up and down direction of the tongue. The side to side direction allows for more of the clitoris to receive pleasure, like the hood and the labia. 

The Kivin Method gives easier Access

The Kivin Method also gives a way in to other delicate areas of the female parts. Like the anus, the vagina and the perineum. The perineum is the area between the genitals and the anus. All of these can feel amazing when orally pleasured. In males and females. 

Where did the Kivin Method begin?

No one really knows for sure where this began. Has it always been done behind closed doors, in the privacy of our bedrooms, and someone just decided to name it and talk about it on the Internet? I can say I never heard of it or had it done. Or even thought of it before. This is something totally different and will be a new experience. And I am very excited to try it!! The hype has big promises. 

Fast Lane to the Big O

Experts are claiming that this method has been making women orgasmic in minutes!! They say from three to five minutes women are cumming from the Kivin Method. So you can imagine my excitement to try this!! The anticipation was paramount. 


Always communicate with each other! Without communication, how will we know what each other are thinking and feeling? We cannot possibly know! And an important part of communication is listening. Each partner should listen closely to what each one is saying. Listening and stating exactly what you mean and how you feel, will go a long way in communicatng with your partner. Be comfortable and honest in your communication!

Build Anticipation 

Build anticipation!! Kiss her all around her body but stay away from the vulva! Women take time to warm up!! Start slow and take your time to tease her for about ten to fifteen minutes. 

Getting into Position

Find a comfortable spot for both partners. The one who is going to be giving is usually on their stomach, advancing towards the vulva from the side. The one who will be receiving will be on their back with either a) with one leg over the givers back or b) both legs pushed back towards the chest or c) both legs pushed back towards the chest with the givers arm on one leg to help stablize and have her spread more open. 

Start Slow

Once you both are comfortable and in position, the giver will begin to slowly pleaseure the vulva. Move the tongue up and down. Make sure to stimulate the hood also. This motion and position can be very pleasurable for many women because it can pleasure the entire width of the clitoris and may even reach parts of the internal clitoris that extends outwards from the shaft. This can be done if the giver gives a lot of attention to the bottom where the labia and clitoris meet. 

K Points

As the giver uses their tongue to swipe back and forth over the hood of the clitoris, they may feel a manifestion of two little bumps. The givers who have practiced this method have stated that when the receiver is aroused, these bumps, which are called the K Points, pop out. When a female is aroused and the clitoris swells, blood thrusts the nerve endings closer to the surface.

Use your Fingers

Ask if you can slide a finger or two into the vagina or the anus for extra stimulation. Always ask and just don't assume. Every women is different and enjoys different things. 

The C Point

The C Point is how to get in real time direction from the receiver. If you're in the correct area!! And make sure your nails are trimmed as not to scratch the delicate area!! Place a finger in the perineum, aka as the C Point, which is the flat area between the genitals and the anus. This will tell you when you're doing it right! When your tongue is gliding in the right place, she will have impulsive, preorgamsic compressions right there!! But don't move your finger at all!! If you do, it will draw her attention away from her pleasure and you don't want to do that!! 

This way you don't have to worry about if you're doing it correctly. Her cues will tell you. Once you start in the right place, don't stop! Women get off with the repetitions of movement. But do stop when she is bucking and pushing your head away!! That just means you've done it right!!

All in all this is something new and different for couples to experiment with. Just as my hubby and I did 

My Review of the Kivin Method

All the research that I had done on this method, I was excited to give it a whirl!! All the wonderful and amazing claims that I had read and heard, had really built the anticipation up!! So we did it!! What most don't say, is that the Kivin Method is less stimulation than frontal cunnilingus!! When my man switched back to frontal, it just felt so amazing and exciting, and that is the best way for me!! I love the frontal cunnilingus!! The sideways was just not enough. On the other hand, frontal cunnilingus is way is too intense for some women. So I'm sure this method was gladly received by those. The hubby, who is a master in the bedroom and always very easily gets me off by eating me out, didn't care giving it in that direction either. It just felt weird and unnatural to both of us. So we were quite disappointed!! Just in the Kivin Method!! I did orgasm in just a few minutes very wildly and I was bucking my hubby's head away after jerking violently as if I was seizing up!! With waves of orgasmic pleasure flowing all over my quivering body!! So I absolutely was not disappointed in the traditional frontal cunnilingus!!! 

But everyone is different. I am just giving you our review and experience of it. Now it's up to you to experiment and get your own results. They may be better than ours. It just wasn't enough stimulation for me. But it might be the perfect touch for another. 

So give it a go and it may turn out fantastic!! Good luck!! 







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