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Cybrothol, the First Cyber Sex Brothel in the World

Published on 23 October 2023 at 00:14

Located in Berlin, the new brothel called Cybrothol, customers can pay for the wildest fantasies without worry. Because you are not going to encounter another human being while you are there.

Owner Phillipp Fussenegger, who has been described as the 'Willy Wonka of sex' says his website is the x-rated version of He says after you book "you will get an email from us which will tell you where to go when you arrive at our brothel and the doll will be waiting in the position you want."

Founder Phillipp Fussenegger has been nicknamed the 'Willy Wonka of sex'

"You will have no interaction with another human while you are here." Phillipp continues, "You can choose different packages, depending on what your kink is." 

You can have an hour with a robotic sex doll like Kokeshi, which is a petite blonde with blue eyes, although you won't have any interaction with a human while you are here, "there is an external control room where an operator is able to see and hear you," Phillipp explains. "The brothel has both audio and visaul devices that are connected to an external control room." 

"The audio and visaul features," Phillipp explains, "create the effect we call 'analouge AI' to give the dolls a more elevated and playful character for real time interaction." 

Cybrothol has robotic sex dolls, they also have regular sex dolls, which come to life through Virtual Reality (VR). "Having sex this way isn't something to be scared of. It can't compete with conventional sex with humans. It's just different."


Here is Kokeshi which Phillipp says is very popular with customers who gives a 'human like' interaction 

Co~founder  of Cybrothol, Matthias Smetsna, says, "Surprisingly, VR porn is very popular among women and couples." 

"I think women like to experience how it would feel to have a penis. A woman can put the n a strap~on 'penis' and 'have sex' with the doll in front of them."

He continues, "When they put on the VR headset they will see the doll moving and talking to them. It's a bit like a sexy Siri."

"One time," he states, "a woman asked the doll what it wanted and it said 'more people,' so they ended up having a threesome. Two people and one doll. The technology really is amazing."

"All our sex dolls are silicone and life size," he says. "Our customers can choose their hair colour, her outfit, the type of role play or kink, and if they want the doll to talk or not. The dolls speak English and German." 

"You want to play?" Asks a blonde sex bot with her blue eyes staring directly at you in the camera. "What's your desire? What's your fantasy? Tell me your secrets." 

Customers can pay extra to have time with two AI dolls at the same time. 

Cybrothol is the World's First Cyber Sex Brothel 

"We are the future," says Phillipp. "We wanted to create an adult playground and a new way of experiencing pleasure." 

"We offer unbeatable prices," says Phillipp. "Our pricing depends on factors such as technology, lifespan, number of sessions and wear and tear and there are many ways people can pay anonymously if that is important to them." 

Phillipp says that Kokeshi is very popular with customers who like the human like interaction. But it has broke down after ten sessions. 

"She can move her hips, moan, breathe and even has a pulsating vagina," he says. "But because it's new technology we had some issues with her." 

"It's an exciting market and in a few years, the dolls will become more sophisticated and have better technology."

"Look how far mobile phones have come. They use to be large bricks but now you can do everything on them and fit them in your pocket."

So who are the people that use AI sex dolls?? Phillipp says there is a big miscommunication about them.

"Most people can differentiate between sex with a robot and sex with a human," he says. "The majority of our customers are very aware that these are dolls and see them more as big sex toys."

"There's a smaller group who are looking for a relationship with an object and there's an even smaller group who are buying a sex doll to live at home with." 

"Ninety eight percent of our customers are men and two percent are women. And they mainly bring their partner and have a threesome with a doll." 

"They may not want to have sex with a real sex worker for various reasons. They want to be alone with a doll and not be judged for it." 

But there are some limits. Phillipp says they are not allowed to be violent towards the dolls. Or request any underage sex or animal role play. "While our dolls are not real, we look after them," Phillipp explains. "If someone is violent towards them, they will be banned." 

"There is so much technology and it's always evolving," says Phillipp, "Using robots who are human like could help eradicate trafficking and make the world a safer place." 

Matthias says they're doing orgies once a month. He says over sixty people come and can play with each other and the dolls, all the while virtual reality porn is displayed on the big screen, bringing the dolls to life. "It's amazing," he says, "It starts at 3 pm and finishes at midnight." 

"People can leave their worries at the door and explore themselves sexually without judgement." 


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