Remember, Confidence is not only Sexy, it is Life Changing!!!

Tips for building Unshakable Confidence

What is confidence?? Confidence is defined in Merriam Webster's dictionary as a) "a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances"  and b) "faith or belief that one will act in the right, proper or effective way." So in other words, it is the belief in ourselves, wherever positive or negative. 

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that have low self esteem and need a boost. In every profession, every class, in every race, in every gender, in every group of people that exist, there are people that suffer with low confidence. I say suffer because I have been there also. 

I never thought I was particularly good at anything, or pretty, or smart, or anything spectacular. I still don't. But I don't feel that I am incapable. I have a little more belief in myself than before. 

As I was going on in this journey of self acceptance and improvement, I decided to add this in this blog. How many, I discovered, also have low confidence: a lot of people.

I know I hate it when that creeping feeling comes over me that I'm not good enough, whatever situation you're in. And knowing so many others struggle with this, prompted me to write this article. I don't want anyone to feel like this!! So here are five tips to help build your confidence!!

*Feel your Feelings

So when we do feel we are not good enough, according to Marisa Peer, UK's Hypnotherapist and Mindvalley's Uncompromised Life Quest, we are actually not feeling enough. We are running from those feelings of shame, guilt and anger just to name a few. And instead of running from those, we should embrace them and feel them. 

She explains how the bottom line is of all our problems is actually not feeling enough. So when we are not feeling like we are worthy enough, is really a mask for the darker feelings that we are harboring like envy, pride, vanity, and what other ones we may be dealing with, many other thought patterns that may be to only inflate our ego. 

She stated that society likes to paint these feelings as 'bad'  and we don't have to think of it in that way. Instead, she says, let a feeling be what it is and allowing it to exist within our bodies as neither good or bad, that by the time you're done feeling it, the feeling is already gone. 

Now that is done, we have the space in our heart for more positive and encouraging feelings that will float to the surface. 

* Look at Challenges as opportunity for growth

You know when we have an important interview or meeting in the morning and on the way to work or the interview, you spill a hot, steamy cup of coffee all over your skirt? Well instead of looking at it like the universe hates you, I actually believed I was cursed, think of it as a growth opportunity. Life is all about perspective, right? 

Think how could I have been more careful and what could I have done differently? Marisa says to take a deep breath and ask what this experience has to teach me? 

Approaching these things in this mindset will give you a lot more clarity than you would think. If you frame every experience like this, as an opportunity for your long term growth, you will find your mistakes are easier to learn from. 

The next time you're in an important situation, you will definitely be more careful and less forgetful. You will learn from those experiences instead of punishing yourself for things out of your control. 

* Let Go and be Kind to Yourself

The letting go technique is called the Sedona Method which is a spiritual practice that believes that every emotion that comes to the surface, can be let go until there is nothing left but a feeling of peace and fulfillment. 

Along with self love and compassion, with every experience that might be challenging, could be released with positivity and we are much more self accepting and easier on our inner selves. When it does get tough we must remember that we cannot control everything and we will be ok, no matter how dire things may seem. 

Basically, we are training our brain to be pleasant towards our own selves. Our brain responds well to positive affirmations. This allows you to train your brain to think that you are good enough, you do enough and you are enough, at any given moment in your life. 

* Positive Affirmations

Start your day with positivity. Our words are powerful. That inner voice we use, we believe. So if it's negative, then that is what we believe about ourselves. We need to change it to positivity. Make it to your personal needs and circumstances. Make it right for you. Here are Three Golden Rules for positive affirmations. 

           * Keep it in the Present Tense

           * No Negative Words as Can't, Don't and Won't

           * Speak your affirmation out loud clearly, calmly and                        confidently

* Write in a Journal

Write your achievements down every night. Words are powerful and if you use positive words to boost your self esteem on the challenges that you overcame throughout the day, which counts as achievements, you will see that you're more capable than you once believed. 

Reflect from a month ago on your journaling and notice the changes. Notice how you have improved in your strengths and self talk. See how your inner voice is now automatically more positive than before. 

Here are five Easy Tips to Build your confidence and the positive inner voice within you. After implementing these in your everyday life, you'll soon have a positive impact on your self esteem. 


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