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What Each State Searched For During Election Week

Published on 14 October 2023 at 23:41

So Pornhub released it's list of what each state searched for during the election week. We know this can always be a stressful time, waiting to see if what you voted for was the majority. Anything that reduces stress is a good thing. And masterbation is one way to reduce and relieve stress in our lives.  

So let's delve into what America was searching for on Pornhub, in each state, as they waited on election results.

Ohio liked the 'cougar' porn while Tennessee was searching for 'granny' porn. But South Carolina preferred the 'grandma' pornography. 

Hawaii searched for their local area code, '808' while Utah was looking for 'mormon' porn. Georgia was searching for 'tickling' porn while Florida was searching for 'Trump' porn. What sick fucks ...Just Kidding Florida!! 🤣🤣

All the while Texas was looking for 'sexmex' which I had to look up. It could mean a) sleeping with someone after going out to dinner with them or b) it's been so long since you had texmex that when you do eat a great plate of texmex, you actually orgasm from it. 

It's also the largest pornography studio in Mexico. 

Delaware looked for 'election' while Washington, DC looked for 'vote'.

New Mexico was influenced by video games and they were searching for 'Fort Nite'. 'Among us' was searched by people in Kentucky. 

Louisiana was looking for 'popeyes' on Pornhub?? Do they have chicken porn?? I know there was a great movie scene with Matthew McConaughey where he was the bad guy. He made some girl suck on his eaten chicken leg. Now that's some chicken porn I could go for... Because of Matthew McConaughey. 

And people in Oregon were searching for 'succubus'. In Colorado, they were looking for 'tushy' porn. 'Wedgie' in Connecticut and "accidental creampie' in Missouri. 

Mississippi searched for 'pron' (I was wonder if they found it??) Pennsylvania looked for 'fat ass' and West Virginia likes 'em 'BBW'. Kansas likes them 'Chubby' while Alabama looked for 'big booty'. 

Nevada was looking for 'Vegas' while New Hampshire searched for 'Tinder'. Massachusetts was searching for 'collage' porn. Some freaks ( I say that as a term of endearment, for real. It's ok. I'm a freak, too) in Wisconsin were looking for 'Bondage' and Illinois people were looking for 'Thot'. 

North Carolina people were searching for 'Dildo' while the people in New York were looking for 'Foot Job'. Vermont searched for 'Threesome' and New Jersey 'Fem Dom'. 

Indiana searched for 'Goth' porn while Rhode Island was searching for 'Pegging'. And in Arkansas, they were searching for 'Furry'. 

Virginians were searching for 'Sloppy Blow Job' ( can't blame them for that one, huh??) While people in Cali were looking for porn with 'Swag'. People in Maine were looking for my favorite, 'Daddy' porn.

Nebraska was searching for 'Wife Swap' porn which my husband would like. Oklahoma people looked for 'Cheerleader' and Michigan people were searching for, another one of my favorites, 'Facesitting'. 

The people in Wyoming looked for 'Pregnant' porn and South Dakota was searching for 'Wrestling' porn. Maryland looked for 'Back Shots ' while Idaho looked for 'Orgy' pornography. 

Alaska searched for 'No Nut November' and Washington looked for 'Double Penetration', another one the hubbby likes. 

North Dakota looked for 'Pumpkin' while Minnesota searched for 'POV' porn. And Montana searched for 'anal creampie' while Arizona searched for 'Navajo'.

So there you have what America was searching for in porn during election week!! 

Here is the link to Pornhub and the Term's each state searched on the Pornhub site during Election Week 




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