Remember, Confidence is not only Sexy, it is Life Changing!!!

I am extremely surprised that I was, just one time, very turned on with myself. Normally, I don't like my body and the way I look. I know, and I'm absolutely not saying this out of conceit at all because I absolutely feel I have nothing to be conceited about, a lot of people have and do find me attractive. 

That doesn't help my self image at all. Or my body image. And to top it all off, I am not very photogenic. I mean, I look in the mirror and I'm like ok... I don't look to bad .. I'm looking pretty for the most part. Then I snap a pic and it comes out looking like a flippin' Hills Have Eyes creature!!!

I had found a meme on Facebook that explains what happens to me every single time I try to snap a pic. On one side it has a pic of a pretty lady, fresh make up and hair done and she is looking pretty. It says on that side 'The way I look in life.' Then on the other side it says 'The way I actually look in the pic, ' and it has a ugly dude that looks like the female version of the lady. Hahaha. Oh my God. Sad but true!! And typically, that is my 'wonderful' experience.

I am better looking in real life than on camera. I think so anyway. But some people are just flat out blessed with taking beautiful pictures. Let me tell you. My son had a girlfriend who was extremely photogenic. This girl who wasn't ugly, by all means, but she could roll out of bed, not even brush her hair, not a stitch of make up on, and literally snap a pic and look devastating beautiful in it!! Like she had just went and had Glamour Shots done!! I'm not kidding!! This girl was so photogenic and she looked alright in life but on camera, she was a super model!! 

I watched her snap a picture. I looked at the pic, then back at her, back at the pic and back at her!! It was like two different people but I watched her take it!! She was absolutely gorgeous in the pic!! And plain Jane sitting next to me!!!

And I was so blessed with the total opposite!! It is hard for me to get and take appealing pictures. The camera is not my friend. In fact, it literally hates me!! 

And on top of that when I am having sex and I happen to see myself in the mirror or on film, I literally cringe!! Like I'm feeling like a hot ass, sexy porn star then BAM 💥 That illsion is immediately stripped away and my image turns into absolute horror!!! 

So for me on that day, to be aroused and sexually turned on by looking at myself, is kind of a shocker. But it happened. And it was pretty flippin' cool. And different. 

So I was alone, going through my photos or taking photos for my Tempted and Modeling page, and I looked at my slutty self, with my legs spread wide open, I mean spread open like they would have broke if they were spread any more, looking all hot and bothered, wanting to fuck like a porn star..

And I wanted to fuck my slutty self!! It's almost like I was (in my pics) another person. Another person that I wanted to f*@k!! I was hot to myself that day!! I was like 'You dirty slut.. ' And I wanted to suck my titties and make my hot self cum all over!! 

It was a very new experience. A very hot experience. I am wet now just thinking about it!! I was a dirty slut who wanted my body to be used and fucked like the slut that I was!! And I wanted to do it to myself!! 

So that's exactly what I did!! I got my vibrator out. I let the low vibration spread over my clit, making it swell even more, making my pussy even wetter. Also making my asshole open, wanting some dick in it as well. 

So I gave myself exactly what I wanted!! I stated out with the low vibration and teased my clit for a few then I couldn't wait anymore!! And turned it up and plugged both my holes at the same time!! 

And I edged and drew back!! I wasn't quite ready to cum yet!! Oh but I wanted to so bad!! So I completely had to stop or I would have gotten off hard!! 

So I waited a minute was about all I could do!! And I began f*@king myself again, just the way I wanted it!! Hard and fast, wet and ready to cum!! 

I edged only one more time!! Then I couldn't take it anymore!! The warm sensation begin to roll over me and I moaned in total extasy, with waves of pleasure rolling over my whole body, making it jerk in succession over and over again. Until the jerking stopped a d the waves and I just was in awe!! 

Wow!! That was the first time ever that I had got myself so wet and horny and gotten myself off!! Gotten myself off by being turned on by myself!!! 

What an amazing experience!! So I'm going to post the pics on my Tempetd and Modeling pages that turned me on so hotly and made me cum all over, so if you wanna see them, you can go over there and purchase them for a small fee. 

Happy Autosexualling!! 




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