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Don't worry if you don't know some of these because we all can't know everything all the time!! So the next time you're with your friends and the conversation gets turned towards some raunchy convo...well, you'll know exactly what they're talking about!!

This sex slang glossary, with a short explanation of what the term means, is very useful for helping to reduce embarrassment, increase your knowledge, and retain some important, accurate information. This is meant to be a sex positive useful tool and to normalize someone's sexual experience.

I've also added 12 new sex slang terms from the article "12 Iconic sex slang terms you should know" by Sophie Goulopoulos. So you can stay hip and cool, knowing the latest sex slang!! So let's get to this all important list.

Anorgasmia: When you have an extremely hard time reaching orgasm even through receiving the necessary stimulation.

Asexual: Asexual orientation is described as "a person who does not experience sexual attraction," according to Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

Autosexual: Being attracted to or aroused by yourself. Autosexual exists on a spectrum and is a classification of a sexual orientation.

Bareback: When you have sex without using a condom.

BDSM: Stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, and Submission, Sadism, and Masochism which is a power dynamic based form of sexual activity. 

Blowholing: The act of ejaculating into a woman's nostril. 

Breath Play: A consenting sexual experience where one partner restricts the oxygen the other partner receives to increase sexual pleasure. Can be used in BDSM scenes or play.

Crocodiling: When a guy goes down on a girl but is looking up at her while he is doing it, so all she can see is his eyes, like a crocodile poking it's eyes out of the water.

Demisexual: A classification of sexual orientation which is when you do not experience sexual attraction towards someone unless you feel an emotional connection with the person first.

DILF: Stands for Dad I'd Like to F*@k.

Dogging: Where people meet up in car parks and watch other people have sex.

*Doppelbanger: Someone you have sex with because they look like someone else (like a celebrity for example.)

Elephant: When you turn out your trouser pockets and pull your cock out. 

Gecko: When you are having vaginal intercourse with a girl in the standing doggy style position with her leaning against a wall, the penis is removed and thrust into her anal orifice, thus causing her to attempt to run up the wall like a gecko. 

Giraffe: A person who can take a dick extremely far down the throat. 

Grasshopper: A sexual maneuver where you pinch a woman's clit between your index finger and thumb and gently yet quickly, rub your fingers back and forth like a grasshopper rubs it's legs. 

Eagle: When a girl gives a hand job to two men, one on each hand, and also giving another man a blow job, the combined movement of the three activities gives the impression of an eagle squawking and flapping it's wings. 

*Eating the Peach: A term used for a females vagina. 

Edging: A technique where when you come close to getting off, the sexual activity stops, so you don't cum. This is done usually several times and the final result is your orgasm is a lot more intense. 

*Fifth Base: Also known as 'deep diving', a down low way of saying anal sex

*Finger Painting: Another term for female masterbation. 

*Five Knuckle Shuffle: Another term for men's masterbation like "spanking the monkey" or "shaking hands with the milkman." 

Golden Shower: Or urine play. Where one partner pisses on the other in a sexual manner.

GILF: Stands for Grandma I'd Like to F*@k.

Meerkat: An unexpected erection. 

MILF: Stands for Mother I'd Like to F*@K.

Orbiting: When someone's x wants to stay present in their life by watching and liking everything they do on social media, all with the intent to making themselves available sexually to that person.

Pansexual: Pan comes from the Greek word meaning All. Pansexual is classified as a sexual orientation where someone is emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to people of any gender or identity.

Pegging: When a woman puts on a strap-on and penetrates a partner which is typically done in heterosexual relationships.

*Playing the Flute: Blow job. 

Polar Bear: Giving head with an ice cube in your mouth. 

Porcupine: When a girl's pubic hair is extra sharp right after she shaves. 

*Postponed: A fun way to say that you're running behind because of an unexpected sexual encounter. 

*Pretty Pistachio: A cute little nickname for the sensitive clitoris, mother of all plearl. With over 8,000 nerve endings just in the tip alone, "This little nut is immeasurably satisfying to crack. Like having to pry open each pistachio individually, the effort is worth it." 

Rainbow Kiss: Usually involves a male and female and they're variations to it. When a woman is on her period and receives oral sex and the male receives oral sex, and after both have reached orgasms, they take period blood and semen into their mouths and mix them together during their kiss which is the Rainbow Kiss.

Rhino: To fasten an erect dildo on the top of one's head, bend over, then charge and ram it into another person's asshole. 

Rusty Tombstone: When someone both gives a rim job and a hand job at the same time. 

*Rusty Trombone: Same definition as the Rusty Tombstone.... 😂

Salmon: When you walk up behind someone and you flail your arm between their legs near the genitals, imitating the act of catching a salmon by hand. 

Shrimping: Sucking on a partner's toes.

*Sissy Play: In a BDSM scene where a man takes on a submissive and girly role,  emasculating himself, taking on traits or roles usually associated with females. 

Situationship: A term used when a couple hasn't yet reached relationship status but fall in between the areas of hook up, friends, crush, or hanging out with feelings towards one another.

Snapping Turtle: When giving a slow blow job, the girl bites the penis right before his climax. 

Stingray: The act of pinching or biting a man's scrotum during intercourse. 

Submarining: When an x partner comes around like nothing has happened.

Swanning: When a person places either the pinky and/or the ring finger into a woman's anus, while reaching the thumb over the vagina to apply clitoral stimulation. One can imagine the position and reaching of the thumb as the craning of the swans neck. 

Tortoise: When one ejaculates on another's back and sticks a pillow on it. 

*Toygasm: The intense, jaw clenching blended orgasm you get from the Rabbit vibrator would have it's very own name. 

*Queening: A fun and fancy way of saying sitting on a man's face. Think of it like this, queening as a queen sitting on her pleasure throne!! Yeah... yeah!! 🥰

So there you have it!! If you like shrimping or pegging, or maybe in a situationship or have an orbiting x, or see a MILF or DILF around, you will know exactly what to say and how to say it now!! Have fun!!! 

*Source: 12 Iconic sex slang terms you need to know by Sophie Goulopoulos 


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