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Praise Kink

We know we all love getting compliments, who doesn't?? But what makes this kink different is some people get a strong sexual response being on the receiving end of these uplifting phrases. 

Praise Kink has been a trending topic on TikTok with thousands of users making videos about the kink. In the videos, the praises they're receiving is getting them all hot and bothered or the videos are to help viewers see if they have a praise Kink. The hashtag praise Kink has been viewed over 13 million times. 

Kink is not a fetish. A fetish is something that has to be present for someone to become sexually aroused. Like some people have a pantyhose fetish and they do not become sexually excited until a pair of pantyhose is in their presence. 

A kink is something that enhances the sexual experience but is not needed to be part of the encounter. So a praise kink doesn't have to happen in order for someone to have a sexually pleasing experience but it would definitely enhance the encounter if it were to happen. 

So people with a kink can get off hearing compliments but it isn't necessary. And with a fetish it would most definitely have to happen or the person would not be aroused. So if you have a praise kink, you're into receiving those compliments and they really turn you on. But if you absolutely need them to get aroused, then you have a fetish. 

Each individual is different so the praise kink could ultimately sound different. People may find certain words or phrases that people respond to strongly and there also is nonverbal praises. 

Praise kink is heavily part of BDSM.  Though it is different from other types of BDSM play like ball gagging and whips and chains, it still is a big part of the community. Someone who is being a submissive role will like to receive compliments and degradation as part of their kinks while also being spanked and tied up. The mix of praise and degradation can be a fun experience within power play. 

So do you think you have a praise kink? Or maybe a praise fetish? Or maybe it it's something you want to explore

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