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Here are some valuable resources from organizations that help victims of sexual assault to sex education to sex therapy to couples retreats and BDSM community. Look over and try the links to find something for you!! 

Modern Intimacy

This site promotes healthy relationships and sexuality that offers expert advice and resources along with educational content that is meant to empower individuals to navigate in the modern world 

Marriage Heat

This website offers articles, stories, and advice to inspire passionate sexual experiences within marriages. This website promotes and nutures intimacy within the marriage 


Mojo is a sexual well being app that helps men overcome psychological Erectile Dysfunction. It has great expert information and suggests exercises that help you to overcome ED. Go check it out!! 

Survivor Support~Enough Abuse Campaign 

This Organization has resources for people who have experienced sexual trauma as a child. This is for adults who have survived child hood sexual trauma that are seeking support 


An online telehealth platform that provides access to medical professionals specializing in men's health. They offer discreet and convenient consultations and prescription services for conditions such as erectile dysfunction and hair loss

Rainn Organization

This Organization helps victims of sexual violence 


This online platform provides science backed resources and information for couples to strengthen emotional connections and to build fulfilling relationships

Everything you need to know about sex toys with real reviews from real people. This is your go to site to help you decide which toy is best for you


This free website has expert written blogs from sex educators, coaches and doctors providing information about sex toy cleaning and BDSM to pegging and how to rebuild intimacy in relationships and everything else between the sheets. This website you'll get answers to questions you may thought you would never find


This site is the Skillshare of the sex!! The classes cover a range of topics including kink, and are easy enough to get through each lesson. Each lesson is short and sweet!! 


This website introduces the Penuma implant which is a medical device designed to enhance the size and shape of the penis. This website also offers information about the procedure, the benefits of the Penuma and the potential risks with having this implant

The Trevor Project

This is a non profit designated to help those young people who are LGBTQ+ who may be struggling. They have a suicide prevention hot line and resources to help those in need

This site gives information on how to have a satisfying sexual life, information on how to have a healthier body, positive relationships and so much more!! 

This WebMD has all kinds of resources and information on Erectile Dysfunction!! Very informative site!!


The sex toy company Lovehoney has a YouTube channel that is hosted by sex educators Jess Wilde and Annabelle Knight. They have insightful, educational and fun videos about sex and intimacy. They cover topics like anal masterbation, how to squirt, great sex over 50, temperature play, just to name a few. With different topics, this is a great site to explore your interests and maybe find a new one along the way!!


This site offers self paced, free webinars and offering courses that teach in relationships and intimacy skills in a supportive online environment. They offer courses for Trans & Gender Expansive folks also. They offer courses like Erotic Confidence: I'm sex and I'm gonna show it, and Relationship Repair. Their fee webinar, The Pleasure Lab, includes free resources for your sexual health and pleasure. They offer webinars, interactive playbooks, and free events

Self Serve

Our next stop is Self Serve which offers an alluring choice of recorded classes to learn from or you can choose to join a live class through Zoom at different times they have scheduled. They have some really fun titles like How to Experiment with Anal, Butt Stuff, and How to Please a Pussy, you will surely have a great time while learning some new techniques!! Here are other titles that seem interesting: Rough Housing for Adults, Fisting Fundamentals and Rope Bondage for Beginners, just to name a few. So go, check it out and see what interests you!! 

The North American Menopause Society

This site has a lot of good info on Menopause and a lot of helpful resources. If you're just beginning to go into Menopause or have been going through it, this site is for you!! It's about Menopause and Sexual Wellness. It's a very worthwhile click!! Go, check it out!! 

Cyndi Darnell's Online Pleasure School

Right from the comfort of your own home, you can sign up for these online workshops that cover connection, desire, couples massage, and self pleasure!! Sexpert Cyndi Darnell offers courses like the 30 Days of Amazing Sex, and the Desire Series. She also offers other services like Couple's Intimacy Weekend Retreats, somatic sexology, sex therapists, mentoring and monitoring of intimate relationships

Pleasure Mechanics

This sex positive site offers courses that range from Anal Sex Mastery, to Power Play, and Kinky Sex Mastery. These online courses can be purchased individually or in a bundle for a one time fee. The teachers are long time experts so you're going to get some valuable information!! 

GLAMerotica 101

This YouTube channel is run by sexpert and ACS Certified Tyomi Morgan. Who, btw, is the founder of The Cowgirl Workout. This YouTube channel is filled with videos about some of the most frequently asked questions about sex. She has some videos on the topic of why you can't orgasm, how to get a partner to use a sex toy on you, and exercises to make riding cowgirl easier. She also includes topics like the basics of squirting, oral sex tips and kissing tips

The Intimacy Institute

Created by a husband and wife team, this site is for Sex and Relationships, who have been offering clinical sex therapy and relationship counseling for over 11 years now. Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT, CST is a certified sex therapist, board certified sexologist, and a licensed marriage and family counselor. Daniel Leibowitz, M.A.,LMFT is a bilingual sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist. They work with clients on sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, painful intercourse, and sexual desire discrepancy. They also offer E courses, and free educational Savvy Sexy Videos 


Bathmate Direct

Innovative hydrotherapy devices for male sexual health including penile enlargement and erectile dysfunction solutions 

The Cage

This online community and social network for BDSM enthusiastists that provides a platform for education and discussion and connection 

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