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Introducing my Extraordinary Girlfriend Experience/GFE, unlike any other!! You will see other's who will have The Girlfriend Experience/GFE but they don't have what I got!! I've got an Unprecedented, Innovative Three Tier Level of The Girlfriend Experience that you will find no where else!!! It is an authentic creation, meticulously crafted by me, KandiXoXo!! The essence of this experience revolves around a pivotal focal point, assuring your utmost satisfaction!! You will find all three tiers spicy and enticing but the more tiers you climb up, the more erotic the Levels will be!! This service is charged by the week!! These benefits will occur everyday for seven (7) days, so not only is the Price extremely decent and modest, everyday you will be greeted with a Level One Exclusive Encounter!! In the Exclusive Level, you will be given a delightful Good Morning Virtual Kiss, (I want to be the first thing you think of when you open your eyes) to start your day and (the last thing before you close them!!) to end your night!! Along with your Virtual Kiss's, you will also collect captivating Check-In Chats throughout the day and evening, providing a constant connection!! This Exclusive Level aims to create a warm & caring connection, ensuing that you feel valued and appreciated❤️